Doc Brown Mad Scientist Experiment Data Testing

How to Test and Preview Data with Syncari’s Test Pipelines

“I don’t know what’s going to happen when I publish this, but let’s do it anyways!” – Said no effective professional, ever. And yet, far too often, that’s the choice you’re given.  Whether you’re building a process in APEX or creating a simple integration between two systems, the only way to confirm something works as…

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Data Quality Studio

How to track and improve your Data Fitness Index™

Last week, we announced Data Fitness Index™ to help our customers easily assess the quality and usability of their cross-functional data.  We built it (1) because we believe that continuous measurement of cross-functional data quality is imperative to unlocking more predictable business growth and (2) because our customers didn’t have an easy way to accomplish…

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Data Fitness Index

Introducing Data Fitness Index™: Better Data Quality is on the Way

“Garbage in, Garbage out”  The phrase was first made popular in the early days of computing, but has become even more applicable today. The modern surplus of technology provides access to large amounts of data, but few resources to govern and maintain it.   Poor data quality that involves issues such as duplicate entries, incomplete records,…

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Marketo + Salesforce Sync, 10x Faster

Syncari is a Data Automation Platform that helps revenue teams solve their costliest data inconsistency and integration challenges. It’s built specifically to help revenue leaders painlessly regain control of their data by standardizing, normalizing, and synchronizing it across the business. Read More About Marketo+Salesforce Sync

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Nick and Neelesh Discuss Syncari Origins

In this episode of Taking Notes with NextGen, host and Managing Partner Dan Mindus speaks with Nick Bonfiglio and Neelesh Shastry, Co-Founders of NextGen portfolio company Syncari. Syncari is building a modern multidirectional synchronization and data management platform to help businesses solve data inconsistencies. Syncari allows businesses to coordinate the quality, availability, and governance of…

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