3 tips to Improve Data Quality

Integrations Killing Your Data Quality? 3 Reasons Why Your Data Needs To Live In Its Natural Habitat

Improving data quality is like a goldfish. At first, it may seem harmless. But in the wrong ecosystem, it can wreak havoc. A small town in Ontario, Canada recently found thousands of goldfish had been dumped into their local lake and it devastated the lake’s ecosystem. The goldfish monopolized food sources, introduced diseases, and damaged…

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CRM not a single source of truth

Salesforce Shouldn’t Be Your Single Source of Truth – Top 4 Reasons Why

The Dreamforce 2020 keynote has come and gone. While there were some surprises, the top-level narrative was consistent with years past: You need a single view of your customer / Customer 360 

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It’s official, we’ve hit SaaS connector overload

Every day I see another SaaS app go ‘must-have’ viral and I wonder how long the center can hold. When the average midsize startup uses 123 SaaS tools (enterprises use thousands) and 78 percent of organizations are increasing their spend on cloud services, all I can think about are all those messy connections and what…

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Hey Revenue Leaders, Stop Using Band-Aid Solutions For Your Data Quality Problems

I was on a Zoom call recently discussing data integrity issues with a revenue operations leader when I peered out the window and noticed a car sputtering by. It was held together with a generous supply of duct tape, its bumper threatening to dislodge on the road at any moment. Suddenly it hit me that…

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A Brief History of Today’s Data Woes—And Why A Radical Rethinking Is The Only Way Forward

If you feel like your data is in a state of chaos, you’re not alone. Ninety-four percent of businesses suspect that their customer and prospect data is inaccurate. Even if you’ve recently done a cleanse, customer data decays at a rate of 30% annually—meaning 3 out of every 10 leads you collect will go bad…

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How not to let your infrastructure run you

Controversial opinion: The biggest thing standing in the way of most CTOs’ success is the impulse to build their own infrastructure. In the past, engineering teams had little choice but to build tools—because there weren’t any better options available. Before the days of cloud computing, you needed a dedicated server room. Or, say you wanted…

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The catastrophic cost of bad data and where it’s all headed (Part 5 of 5)

30% of new integration projects will use AI technology for faster delivery by 2022. — Gartner   This is part 5 of my 5-part series about the cost of bad data. Read the previous post here. The Syncari solution Let me introduce Syncari. It serves as a distributed source of truth for all your business…

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The catastrophic cost of bad data and where it’s all headed (Part 4 of 5)

“What I want is to make sure that good data isn’t corrupted by bad data from a system that has no right updating that field.” — Rob Zare This is part 4 of my 5-part series about the cost of bad data. Read the previous post here. The need for a smarter sync Every company…

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