Scalable Cloud Data Warehouse

The Evolving Role of the Cloud Data Warehouse

The cloud data warehouse has become the bedrock of most analytics programs, and a lifeline for executives to glean insights into their business. Truth be told, cloud data warehouses– like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery–are here to stay. As its popularity has increased, however, its primary use cases have shifted away from data storage…

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2021 Business Data Rules

The New Rules for Business Data in 2021

Focusing on business data in 2021 to drive execution is the #1 top priority for CEOs, according to Sales Benchmark Index (SBI). In their 2020 research on CEO performance, SBI found that many underperforming CEOs are making decisions with incomplete, backward-looking, or inaccurate data.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Even if you’re not a…

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End-to-End Integration Headache

These Tools Won’t Simplify End-to-End Integration. Here’s Why.

Recently, FiveTran announced a partnership with Census to “simplify end-to-end integration.”  Despite their bold claim to simplify, we believe the new partnership actually complicates data unification initiatives while exploiting affected businesses by ensuring they pay for two tools to achieve an outcome that should have always been possible with one. Let’s dive in. In this…

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Making the Business Case for Data Automation

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve encountered the data chaos beast. Perhaps you’re worn or shaken and could use shelter from its fiery breath. It’s a lot to go up against alone. That’s why it can be helpful to collect your wits, sharpen your tools, and possibly gather a team of adventurers to help.…

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Data management: You’re doing it wrong. Here’s why.

It’s official. We’re addicted to data.  This was on vivid display in this weekend’s Super Bowl. I’m not an NFL expert, but after watching the game this weekend I can tell you:  Tom Brady had gone 9 Super Bowls over 2 decades without scoring a Q1 TD Patrick Mahomes had never lost an NFL game…

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3 tops to improve Data Quality

Integrations Killing Your Data Quality? 3 Reasons Why Your Data Needs To Live In Its Natural Habitat

Improving data quality is like a goldfish. At first, it may seem harmless. But in the wrong ecosystem, it can wreak havoc. A small town in Ontario, Canada recently found thousands of goldfish had been dumped into their local lake and it devastated the lake’s ecosystem. The goldfish monopolized food sources, introduced diseases, and damaged…

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CRM not a single source of truth

Salesforce Shouldn’t Be Your Single Source of Truth – Top 4 Reasons Why

The Dreamforce 2020 keynote has come and gone. While there were some surprises, the top-level narrative was consistent with years past: You need a single view of your customer / Customer 360 

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It’s official, we’ve hit SaaS connector overload

Every day I see another SaaS app go ‘must-have’ viral and I wonder how long the center can hold. When the average midsize startup uses 123 SaaS tools (enterprises use thousands) and 78 percent of organizations are increasing their spend on cloud services, all I can think about are all those messy connections and what…

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