operationalizing revenue funnels

Data-driven farm management: A conversation about agri-data and RevOps with Granular’s Mollie Bodensteiner

ll Mollie Bodensteiner wants to do is, in her words, “build cool sh*t.”  “When I started at Granular they asked me, ‘What do you want to do?’ and I replied, ‘Solve problems that center around the customer.’ Just let me build things that provide value to the customer,” she says. Mollie is a frequent speaker…

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Top Marketing Operations Tips from 4 Leading Consultancies

Marketing operations agencies are seeing a renaissance right now—unlike their big advertising brethren which are struggling. Whereas the big ad agencies charge big fees and leave big unanswered questions about whether they generated a return, their smaller, nimbler marketing operations agency cousins have earned a stellar reputation for doing precisely the opposite. They unlock vast…

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Revenue Operations Strategy Syncari

Top RevOps Advice from 4 Successful Revenue Operations Leaders

If I had to summarize all the advice from the RevOps experts we’ve interviewed for the Data Superheroes project over the past nine months, it would be this: You are not alone.  That arcane data transformation that’s been driving you nuts? Others face it too. Fixing it may be as simple as finding your RevOps…

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Syncari Board of Advisors

Meet our new Syncari Board of Advisors

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 25, 2021 — Syncari is on a mission to empower everyone to restore trust in their data. But our technology on its own will never be enough. Without empowered people and proven approaches to taming data chaos, our customers will struggle to make a dent in insidious data problems that cost businesses $3.1…

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Data Quality Solutions Data Doc

“Fix Bad Data And You Can’t Count The Money Fast Enough”: Advice From Renowned Data Expert Tom Redman

If you’re wondering how to rescue your company from bad data, just ask Tom Redman. He wrote the book on data—literally. He’s published five books on the topic, including the beloved classic, Data Driven. With over 40 years of experience and a Ph.D. in Statistics, Tom is the de facto expert on improving data quality.…

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Ben Bayat, NextGen Venture-partners

“Revenue Leaders Need To Soften The Hyperfocus”: A Conversation With NextGen Venture Partners’ Ben Bayat

On November 4, 2020, Emily Harrington became the first female climber to scale El Capitan in under 24 hours. As she achieved this record-breaking feat, she repeated a mantra to herself: “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.” According to Ben Bayat, Managing Director at NextGen Venture Partners, today’s sales leaders would be wise to heed…

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Rosalyn Clari

Overworked Operations Leader? You May Benefit From “Ops Therapy,” says Clari’s Head of Revenue Operations Rosalyn Santa Elena

You’ve heard of talk therapy, but what about Ops therapy? Rosalyn Santa Elena, Head of Revenue Operations at Clari maintains it’s essential. Because the life of an operations leader is one fraught with chaos. Last minute fire drills. Tech providers who make unexpected updates that send your processes haywire. Team members forget to loop you…

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Santa Clause Data Superhero

“Make your list, check it twice”: A conversation with St. Nicholas, Head of Gift Ops, North Pole

Happy holidays! This week’s interviewee might surprise you. What also might surprise you is that he and his wife (they’re co-founders) suffer from the same data quality issues most business leaders do. Every year around this time, kids around the world send their holiday gift requests to Santa Clause up at the North Pole —…

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