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The top data enrichment companies right now (2021 update)

Data enrichment is useful for discovering new customer data, and expanding upon the data your business already has. A good data enrichment vendor allows you to enrich low quality records, thus improving the ability to tailor personalized offerings to the right customer at the right time. Here are the best data enrichment tools in 2021.

If you’re looking for a data enrichment partner, this list is a good place to start. The industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings when you’d file-transfer a .csv to a provider who’d spruce it up and send it back. So if it’s been a while since you last used an enrichment partner, it’s worth asking — what type of enrichment do you need?

Types of data enrichment 

Data enrichment — the process of appending additional data to a list, or updating select values to make the data more “fit”— comes in several sizes. There are one-off enrichments, like the sort of cleanse you might conduct upon inheriting an old CRM instance, or double-checking a target account list. And then there are ongoing enrichments where bots make many minor changes as updates arrive, like correcting a contact’s title after they’re promoted.

Then there are enrichments for different roles — for operations, for marketing, and for sales. Operations and marketing enrichments tend to happen on a grand scale. They may require significant work to upload and operationalize. Whereas sales enrichments may be one-offs — like pulling a new target account list, or tiny changes here and there such as verifying a single email at a time.

Which one you need all depends on what you’re running into.

Benefits of data enrichment

Big one-off enrichments are great for a refresh, but they don’t combat some of the most pernicious issues that affect data quality, such as plain old time (people move jobs, swap out marketing softwares, etc.) and APIs. 

Few companies realize what a mess many interrelated systems linked with pre-built connectors can make. Without any central intelligence or sense of which system or person has the authority to update a field, changes can create a lot of mayhem. MIT estimates bad data of this sort is responsible for chipping away at 15-20% of the average company’s revenue

One of the best things you can do, then, is enrich continuously—and implement continuous fixes. The more often the system is updated, the more opportunity it has to catch issues before they compound. 

(If having a passive data defense sounds interesting, you may want to skip to Syncari.)

The top data enrichment partners (in 2021)


Clari does a lot more than data enrichment. Actually, you might not say it does enrichment per se, except that its CRM automation feature actively defends against errors by automatically capturing and logging sales activities that’d otherwise go unnoticed.

Visit Clari »

Full disclosure: Roslyn Santa Elena, Head of Revenue Operations at Clari, is a Syncari advisor. Read her Data SuperHeroes interview.


Clearbit offers accurate and up-to-date B2B sales and marketing data with a twist — they inject it into parts of the buying journey that truly delight and surprise people. Visit their website and see for yourself. If you’re like me, you’ll be greeted by your company’s logo and a picture of your website. It’s data enrichment made actionable for marketing.

There is one use case in particular that made Clearbit famous: They allow you to reduce your forms to a single email field and eliminate sign up friction, and then simply append all the additional data like company name and size invisibly on the backend.

Visit Clearbit »

Datanyze (by ZoomInfo)

Datanyze was and still is a pioneer in technographics — that’s data about the technologies a particular company uses. This platform uses a web crawler the same way Google search does, but it looks for tags on your website to identify which analytics or marketing automation you use. It also uses a variety of data sources to reveal technologies not discoverable through tags, say, by searching jobs postings.

Visit Datanyze »

DiscoverOrg (by ZoomInfo)

DiscoverOrg specializes in high-accuracy B2B lead lists. Whereas lots of other providers try to automate everything and capture every company, DiscoverOrg uses a small army of people, and only covers medium-to-larger companies. But boy is it accurate.

Visit DiscoverOrg »


FullContact offers classic data enrichment with no frills. Its primary focus is advertising and ‘data activation.’

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Like the name implies, Hunter is for sales hunters—enter a domain and it provides all publicly available emails for that company, and verifies them. Its Chrome plug-in is handy.

Visit Hunter.io »

InsideView (by Demandbase)

InsideView is a full-service data broker prized for its data accuracy and for supporting account-based marketing (ABM) programs. You can enrich data, buy lists, or have their team build custom data solutions.

Visit InsideView »


LeadGenius is a classic data enrichment tool, but its unique value is that whereas other data companies use a general, all-purpose web crawler to gather data, you can launch your own mini, tailored crawlers for verticals or projects. Once launched, its crawler learns, and sometimes turns up companies and prospects other data providers don’t catch.

Visit LeadGenius »


Owler allows salespeople to follow companies and gather press, media, and other compelling reasons to reach out. Furthermore, it’ll notify you when something comes up.

Visit Owler »


Pipl is a data provider that focuses on stitching data together to form a complete view of a prospect. Run searches or pull data automatically through its API.

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Data Axle Genie (formerly Salesgenie)

Data Axle Genie lets small businesses buy lists. Their typical verticals include pest control companies, merchant services, transportation management, staffing companies, and insurance agencies. 

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Snov.io API

No-frills email verifier and Hunter alternative.

Visit Snov.io »


The list wouldn’t be complete without it. In all seriousness, the best fixes are automatic and continuous, and the more structure and governance you have in place, the less need you have for enrichment. And having automatic controls will only help you make better use of the data you do purchase.

For example, if you have controls set such that the CRM has data authority over phone numbers, the correct numbers are safe from marketing enrichments.

See how to test and preview data with Syncari test pipelines.


Vainu provides real-time firmographic company data. So when your prospects purchase new, other, complementary technologies to yours, like, say NetSuite, you’ll get notified.

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Finally, were this list not in alphabetical order, we might’ve listed ZoomInfo at top. ZoomInfo is the de-facto B2B list provider for sales, marketing, and operations. You can give your sales team search tools to build their own lists, or set up continuous enrichment.

Also, the company has made a lot of acquisitions in the past few years. One of these include the unique web-crawling company, EverString. In the past, some of its data was questionable. Today, it’s quite good.

Visit ZoomInfo »

Anyone we’re missing that belongs on this list? Take to Twitter and tell us about it.

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