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New Syncari Report: Organizations Are Ignoring Their Chaotic, Untrustworthy Data

Today, Syncari is pleased to announce the release of our new report, The Great Divide: Why Organizations Are Ignoring Their Chaotic Data. In collaboration with RevGenius, we surveyed both C-level executives and revenue operations leaders to determine the state of company data today.

Our results confirmed a number of concerning factors that are leading to rampant data chaos in organizations today: trust in corporate data is at a minimum, the increased complexity in modern software structure is causing widespread issues, and the methods by which corporate data is collected and analyzed are stretching available resources to the limit of breaking.

“The results paint a clear picture: while most C-levels and the rest of the organization believe the path forward is easily manageable, a look under the façade shows organizations are much more chaotic than they seem. And operations professionals — the ones holding the chaos back — are drowning,” explains Aaron Landgraf, Head of Marketing at Syncari.

“Operations professionals will find a lot of validation in what we’ve been saying as an industry because of the results from this survey. Hopefully, this report starts a lot of conversations about how organizations can better handle their data,” says Asia Corbett, Head of Revenue and Community Operations, RevGenius.

Check out the infographic for the top statistics and themes:

Why Organizations Ignore Chaotic Data - Syncari Infographic

Download the full report for yourself to learn more about why businesses are struggling with their data and — most importantly — how to fix it in your own organization.

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