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Introducing Syncari Trial Accounts

Experience no-code data automation and get started on your journey to fostering better GTM alignment with a free 14-day Syncari trial.

I’m excited to share that Syncari trial accounts are now available. For 30 days, you’ll have full access to our full-stack data automation platform where you can:

  • Unify data from across your GTM tech stack (CRM, MAP, billings, CSS, product DB)
  • Align your data, schema, and systems to a unified data model
  • Apply no-code transforms and data policies that operate across your tech stack
  • Execute complex, multi-system workflows (e.g., activating product data in MAP, CRM, ERP)
  • Deliver insights to the point of decision with our multi-directional sync engine

To keep with our mantra of “think big, start small,” we’re offering unlimited use during the trial period. If you need more capacity, just ask!

Why sign up for a trial account?

  • Your data is misaligned, siloed, and inaccurate.
  • You have the autonomy and authority to do something about it (e.g., API-level system access)
  • You learn by doing and want to explore our data-model driven approach in a more hands-on way
  • You have a straightforward objective you’d like to see if Syncari can address
    • Unifying hundreds of sample account records across CRM, MAP, ERP
    • Activating product usage data in CRM and for hundreds of users
    • Normalizing address, job title or phone number for thousands of leads or contacts
    • Measuring the data fitness of thousands records based on your business logic

NOTE: we can give you a personalized demo at any point too.

What can you expect from us?

We’re committed to your success during this 30-day trial, whatever that looks like for you. The experience includes a self-guided tour to bring you up to speed on core Syncari concepts, as well as access to our documentation, Syncari Academy and in-app chat. If you prefer to interact with a human, you can ask us questions through the in-app chat OR book a call directly with one of our trial guides — product experts who can help you strategize, troubleshoot, or just learn more about the platform.

If you’re trying to figure out your PLG motion, know that we build this experience almost entirely in Syncari – unifying data, executing workflows, and distributing insights across Marketo, Salesforce, Userflow, and our Syncari product DB. If you want to learn more about HOW we did it. Let us during your trial!


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