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How to automate workflows with complete, trusted data

With Syncari, ops pros can build sophisticated workflows powered by unified data from across the enterprise — all without writing a single line of code

Workflow automation and robotic process automation are priorities for revenue leaders looking to improve employee productivity, increase GTM efficiency, and drive more predictable revenue growth. Gartner goes so far as to say that automation is now a “condition of survival” for the modern enterprise.  But the promise of automation has a critical flaw – there hasn’t been a way to ensure both complete data access and data integrity within an automated workflow using current approaches. As a result, automations are either short-lived or very tactical…until now.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work building powerful workflow automation capabilities to our complete data automation platform for marketing, sales, and revenue teams.

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Building on our existing data sync, unification, governance and access capabilities, the new enhancements include pre-built Syncari Templates that automate common workflows such as Lead to Account Matching, Lead Routing, Quote to Cash, and more.

Now, organizations can automate interconnected, multi-directional workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity, optimize these workflows using data from any system, and deliver unprecedented reliability and adaptability through Syncari’s unified data model and self-healing sync engine, which is impervious to system interruptions and schema changes.

New workflow automation capabilities unleash ops productivity

Using Syncari’s no-code platform, sales, marketing, customer success, and revenue ops professionals can eliminate manual work and automate repetitive cross-departmental processes, enabling them to:

  • Break down data silos. New and updated Synapses for Marketo, HubSpot, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Freshsales CRM, and Zoho CRM drastically simplify the process to unlock and unify data for common marketing automation, CRM, and ERP-centric workflows   
  • Unleash ops productivity. Build workflows with ease using 100+ drag-and-drop data functions, cross-system filters and lookups, pre-built templates, and quickstart guides. Apply multi-directional transformations to any process: ELT, ETL or Reverse ETL.
  • Build sophisticated workflows. Unlike RPA, iPaaS or ETL platforms that came before, Syncari pipelines have access to the  customer’s entire unified data set.  As a result, non-technical business users can add cross-system filters and lookups or create data sums, counts and averages without a single line of SQL/SOQL or other complex code
  • Restore data integrity. Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of cross-system workflows by ensuring data in any one system is interoperable across the entire tech stack, synced with every system that requires it, and governed automatically.
  • Adapt quickly to change. Add new data sources or change schemas, then apply updates globally across workflows to swiftly respond to market shifts and customer needs.

Syncari provides pre-built templates for common workflows like Lead to Account Matching and Routing, which can be augmented with data from a customer’s entire unified record

Dremio reduces customer onboarding time from days to minutes

We recently sat down with Brendan Reeves, the Head of Sales Operations at Dremio. As a hyper-growth company, Dremio is looking for every opportunity to create efficiencies in their go-to-market processes.

“With unified, synchronized data across Salesforce, Jira and our product database, we now have unprecedented visibility into customer health and can better serve customers in every interaction. We did all this without writing a line of code.”

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