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Fall G2 Reports: Every company needs data quality

Your go-to-market lives or dies depending on the quality of your data.

This is true across the board, from the information available on a lead, to customer attributes, to product usage and billing.

Even if you don’t position as a data company explicitly, your software has a data architecture, and your teams interact with data in many forms every day.

Last week we announced that Gartner has recognized a new category: RevOps Data Automation, and named Syncari a Cool Vendor in this category.

But this week we’re onto the meat-and-potatoes: data quality.

What’s fascinating is how many times we have heard the objection “Our data quality sucks, but fixing it isn’t a top priority right now.”

But how can you succeed with poor data quality? 

A GTM team with poor data quality is like a bird with no wings:

It just won’t fly.

  • Emails don’t get delivered and phone calls don’t connect if the contact info is bad.
  • Contact assignment and ownership becomes an infuriating mess if the account matching and territory alignment is bad.
  • Product data stays locked away from CS and sales teams if no one can untangle the product schema to map it to CRM.
  • Conversions along every step of the customer journey suffer if fields detailing a customer’s use case and needs are not accurate or visible.

This week G2 recognized Syncari as a Leader (and Momentum Leader) in Data Quality (along with 8 other awards).

Syncari Node Grouping

New features to make it easier and faster to distribute accurate info to your GTM teams:

Node Grouping: Simplify Pipelines

Want your pipelines to take up space? Now you can select one or more nodes as a group, add a descriptive name, and collapse the group.

Here are a few of the other items we recently released:

  • New Merge Condition: First Not Matching
  • Eloqua: New Synapse
  • BigQuery: Destination Added

There are many other improvements; check them out!

Show me the release notes


We’re building the only complete, no-code data platform for revenue operations pros. If you have any questions about these features or Syncari in general, we would love to hear from you.

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