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Appy Pie review: Honest reviews to know if this is for you

NO-code is a software development method that requires no programming skills to create applications. It relies on User Interface (UI) systems and a drag-and-drop feature. Businesses innovate solutions that don’t rely on developers which allows anyone to build apps without learning code.

In this article, we’ll review Appy Pie’s no-code technology used to create powerful web and mobile applications and automate workflows without coding. We’ll also take you through the features, pricing, and pros and cons of the platform.

Appy Pie App builder overview

Appy Pie no-code development software helps you create applications without learning to program. It takes the heavy lifting of learning to code and allows you to build enterprise applications using its drag-and-drop interface.

If you have no background in IT or programming, all you need to do is understand how a single program works and you’re ready to start building your dream into reality.

No-code allows you to create a variety of applications, websites, and chatbots using specific templates.

Appy Pie App builder review and Features

The adoption of no-code development is rising. This means that many business owners and founders are creating their first projects using app builder platforms.

Appy Pie is an easy-to-use platform for any first-time user who wants to create web and mobile applications.

Some projects you can create using Appy Pie App builder include delivery apps, Taxi booking apps, and restaurant apps, among others.


The mobile development software is straightforward making it easy to build applications.

Here are some features you can expect with Appy Pie App builder.

Ease of use

The development software makes it possible to create applications because of its easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature. You can use the menu sections and text editors to design and style your mobile application.

Once you are done editing all that’s left for you is to publish.

Appy Pie offers help with publishing for their Platinum subscribers. You can still publish your app on the app store under your own account.

Below are some features that the builder provides for your app:

  • Allows you to send push notifications
  • You can easily monetize using ads
  • Lets you connect with shopping carts and payment gateways
  • You can view analytics and data using google analytics
  • There is an option for location-based services
  • Social media integration

Easy to change and customize


With the no-code builder, you can enjoy a plethora of customizable features that allow you to change your application based on the changing requirements.

This feature relieves you of the burden of having to worry about bugs or system glitches anytime you make improvements or updates to your application.

Efficient use of resources


It is expensive hiring an agency or a team of developers to help build your mobile application. The back and forth can cause delays in improvements and implementing changes.

Appy Pie lets you pay a subscription depending on your budget and preferred package. This allows you to build your application using a small percentage of resources compared to what you’d have spent hiring an agency.

Pre-build templates

Appy Pie provides you with a variety of templates that make it easy to customize using the intuitive drag-and-drop. You can add or edit features without having to write code or have technical expertise.

Whether you are a business owner, startup founder, or entrepreneur, Appy Pie is easy to use and requires no training for you to create your dream mobile app.


The app builder offers a wide range of languages that allows you to add multiple‌ folders and re-create your app in various languages.

Easy integration

No-code platforms help users integrate other web services such as Slack, Twitter, and MailChimp, among others. You can do all this without writing or editing long lines of code.


Applications built with Appy Pie can handle increased customers, traffic, or business growth.

It provides scalability to business owners by doing all the heavy lifting so they can focus on projects that lead to the growth of their business.

How it works


The no-code platform allows users to build applications without coding.

Everything has been done for you and all that remains is for you to add, remove, and edit blocks of features to create an app that best fits the design and needs of your application.

It’s easily customizable allowing you to make changes as the app develops without having to deal with the delays of having a team on an already time-constrained app.

Who should use Appy Pie’s no-code technology?


Non-tech companies like marketers and freelancers can create SaaS packages or products for their clients. With access to a computer and the internet, you can create an internal app for time tracking and communications for your employees.

Entrepreneurs and founders can leverage a no-code platform to create an MVP without having to learn to program.



The software platform offers three subscription packages to its users.


  • $16 per month
  • Supports Android platforms
  • No access to platform features
  • They distribute App on the play store
  • Unlimited bandwidth and hosting
  • Unlimited app editing
  • 500 app downloads per month
  • Go live under your own developer account
  • No ads
  • Get analytics with google analytics
  • Earn through advertisements
  • No first-time submission support
  • Access to customer support via email
  • Comes with Appy Pie branding

Gold Package

  • $36 per month
  • Supports application on Android platform
  • Access to premium features
  • App distributed on play store
  • Unlimited bandwidth and hosting
  • Unlimited app editing
  • 1000 push notifications per month
  • 1000 app downloads per month
  • Go live under your own developer account
  • Earn money through ads
  • No Appy Pie ads
  • Support on first-time app submission
  • Customer support via email and chat
  • Comes with Appy Pie branding

Platinum package

  • $60 per month
  • Supports app on Android and OS
  • Access to premium features
  • App distributed to Apple store and play store
  • Unlimited bandwidth and hosting
  • Unlimited app editing
  • 2500 push notifications per month
  • 2000 app downloads per month
  • Go live under your own developer account
  • No Appy Pie ads
  • Earn money through ads
  • Support on first time app submission
  • Customer support via email, chat, and call
  • Comes with Appy Pie branding

Additional charges

App store charges- Apple charges an annual fee of $99 while play store charges a one-time payment of $25.

Add-on package- It allows you to white-label your application and add brand colors. You also get an account manager with the application builder. To get this package, you pay twice the cost of your current plan.

Limit extension- In case you want notifications on app downloads, they charge you $0.001 per notification and $0.009 per download.

Pros and Cons


Have filters of push notification function

Notifications can reach a wider audience and grab their attention through a powerful call to action.

You can target your notifications depending on the desired location or according to your preferences.

If you have a restaurant, you can target notifications to people in your location to increase orders or visits.

Templates available


The templates provided by Appy Pie make it easy to customize your app depending on your needs and requirements.

Below are the templates on Appy Pie:

  • Restaurant app
  • Business app
  • Radio App
  • Shopping app
  • Church app

QR code for your app

With the app builder, you get a QR code or link that is shareable for anyone to download the app.

This is essential when testing new apps that have a small user base.

Easy to use

Appy Pie give you assurance of speed. Once you understand how a program works, it becomes easy to build an app in a few hours.

This works perfectly when you have multiple mobile app ideas and want to publish them at the same time.


Hard to export the code

Once you cancel your Appy Pie subscription, Appy Pie LLP locks your application. This means that the code stays in their database, so when you want to migrate from the platform, you’ll start all over again.

White labeling comes with a price

Appy Pie does not remove its branding in any of the packages. To do so, you pay twice your subscription plan for you to white-label your app.

Outdated User Interface

The UI in the application is outdated and limited compared to other platforms. It makes it challenging when creating a customer-facing application since you can only do a few changes to the background image and the layout.

Benefits of no-code platforms


No-code solutions are changing the IT space by making it unnecessary to write lines of code for app development.

You can easily develop enterprise-grade apps in a matter of hours through the ready-to-use solutions.

Here are some benefits of using a no-code platform:

Low production cost

Budget planning and allocation are essential for any business. The no-code platform offers solutions without compromising product quality because of budget cuts.

You only need one person to create an app in a couple of hours compared to having an entire development team that is expensive to hire and maintain.

Faster to launch

Developing applications using no-code platforms will only take a few hours to complete, while traditional development will take months or longer when there are changes in variables and deliverables.

You can build bespoke business solutions with app builders and get to market faster than you would with traditional development.

It is easy

You don’t need any technical or coding experience to use an app builder platform. The learning curve is easy and includes a drag-and-drop feature.

The intuitive process allows you to create applications with ease, and you can add or remove changes effortlessly.

Quick maintenance

Traditional development comes with lengthy and complicated tasks that cause delays in the projects.

No-code solutions require no expertise for you to perform updates on the app as you can easily add or remove features without requiring a developer.

Unlimited options

App builders offer solutions for businesses to automate their processes and allow them to scale and stay ahead of the ever-changing market needs and trends.

Companies can easily change and apply changes in the application quickly by leveraging no-code tools to manage business processes and automate workflows.

Facilitates growth


No-code applications allow businesses to add new features, and remove, or update existing ones depending on how much the company has grown, without them having to migrate to new solutions.

How to select an app builder platform


You can easily use no-code platforms without worrying about the tedious or time-consuming tasks required when developing a mobile application. They are used to building responsive business apps without learning to code practices or languages best suited for mobile apps.

When looking for a no-code solution, here are a few conditions to consider.

  1. Intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  2. Available templates and plugins for enhancing the mobile application
  3. Prompt customer service
  4. Credibility and stability of the vendor
  5. Past reviews from users
  6. The type of app built using the platform

No-code solutions is a holy grail for a non-techie person or company that wants to provide solutions without having to use traditional developers.

Below are some reasons for using an app builder platform:

  • Limited IT funds or resources
  • Looking for simple modifications or updates
  • When you want to save time
  • When you want a faster delivery

Choosing Appy Pie app builder


Appy Pie is a perfect solution for building business solutions using a wide range of templates.

The affordable plans meet your needs and are brilliant solutions for your local business problems.

The only drawback in using pre-made templates is that you’ll need to spend a lot of time customizing them to meet your needs and build an interactive app with the existing resources.

The good news is that all the coding burden is taken care of, and all you have to do is edit blocks of features to create an app that’s unique to your business goal!

Best Appy Pie Alternative

Syncari is a no-code data automation platform that helps you synchronize and manage your data, and provides you with analytics as your business grows.


With the ease of access to no-code platforms, there’s a need for data integration across one platform so it’s easy for your team to share information and make an informed and data-driven decision.

Syncari automates and unifies your data and workflows across all platforms so everyone in your team can get the information they need all from one place. Unlock new opportunities that drive company growth through Syncari’s easy-to-use platform.

They offer a tool tailored to meet your business needs and give you visibility of the entire customer onboarding process so you can serve them better depending on their journey.

Syncari also offers a free trial to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.


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