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Trish is Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Syncari.

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Coffee With Customers Ep. 5: Hyland’s Ben Bykowski on Unified Data for Marketing ROI

Our fifth episode of Coffee with Customers features Ben Bykowski, Director of Technology at Hyland Software. Ben and team selected Syncari to unify multiple marketing automation tools, namely Marketo and Pardot, with Salesforce. In organizations with multiple lines of business,…

Coffee with Customers Demostack
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Coffee with Customers Ep. 4: Demostack and Customer 360

Our fourth episode of Coffee with Customers features Eric Portugal Welsh, Director of Revenue Operations at Demostack. Eric unified Jira and Salesforce to create a distributed Customer 360 across sales, customer success and product development. Demostack is not unique in…

Mollie Bodensteiner
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Interview with RevOps Pro Mollie Bodensteiner

Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with Mollie Bodensteiner, a RevOps pro with 14 years of experience under her belt. Mollie has successfully faced and tackled just about every RevOps challenge imaginable. Her insight and intelligence are a…

Coffee with Customers Dooly
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Coffee With Customers Ep. 3: Dooly’s Jenna Molby and Product-Led Selling

Sales teams can gain a lot of momentum and traction with product usage data. If a seller knows that multiple people from a given account have signed up to use a product, they know who to talk to and have…

Coffee with Customers Metadata
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Coffee With Customers Ep. 2: Metadata’s Sam Bowley & Product Usage Data

“Put more time back in the day of the sellers. Where the sellers operate is where I need to surface the data.” This is one of Sam Bowley’s philosophies as a RevOps professional. If sellers use Slack or Salesforce, he…

Coffee with Customers Conga Blog Banner (1)
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Coffee With Customers Ep. 1: Conga’s Scott Merselis & Data Unification

“Can we Syncari it?” We are not quite at the Kleenex level, but maybe one day Syncari will be a household name. At least, an “officehold” verb. That’s how the team over at Conga now talks about Syncari. They use…