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Greg is a Product Manager at Syncari. When not spending his days creating models in Google Sheets and talking to customers, Greg loves to explore the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

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Introducing Syncari Insights for RevOps Reporting

Businesses have been working to become more data-driven for years now, with mixed results. According to Harvard Business Review, only 26% of organizations report successfully making the leap. And while there are many reasons why, we believe the problem stems from…

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CSVs make the world go ’round

Email was invented in 1971. The comma-separated value format was invented in 1972. We’re still using both of them more than 50 years later. Why? Because they work. CSV files provide a flat representation of the data (the information contained…

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The Blueprint for Data Ops: Part 2

How can Data Ops help? The purpose of a Data Ops team — and an operational team in general — is to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. When data or process issues are found, a Data Ops…

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Extend Your CRM: HubSpot Custom Objects Access

Custom objects are literally a template: they provide a way to add a data set where you set the columns and data types, while gaining standard fields from a platform. In turn, this lets you design your own data structure…

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The Blueprint for Data Operations: Part 1

What is Data Operations, anyway? Data Operations is a hidden team in your organization, connecting business and people systems. They help Sales Operations, Marketing, and Customer teams present accurate metrics, marketing data, and customer operations to executives. You may not…