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Aaron Rosenthal is the Director of Product Marketing at Syncari. Aaron brings 15+ years of experience in enterprise B2B SaaS spanning cloud communications, CDP, and streaming analytics technologies.

How to Build a Holistifc Customer Health Score: Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty at Every Turn
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How to Build a Holistic Customer Health Score

As a RevOps leader, your top priority is to ensure that your company’s revenue operations are running smoothly and efficiently. A critical part of that process is understanding your customers’ health and taking action to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.…

Predictable Pitfalls of Salesforce’s Einstein GPT Blog Image
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Predictable Pitfalls of Salesforce’s Einstein GPT

We’ve already covered the launch of Salesforce Genie, but it gets better. Salesforce recently announced Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI for CRM.  Reading the press release and watching the keynote transported me back to 2018 when Salesforce launched…

Modern Data Stack Cost
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The Cost of the Modern Data Stack

The modern data stack (MDS) is a collection of point solutions businesses are cobbling together to aggregate, manage and analyze data. We’ve already documented the issues with this approach here and here.  In this blog, we’ll focus on the DIY…

Stateful Sync
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What is Stateful Sync: On RevOps, Data Management, and Chess

Stateful sync is vital for RevOps and data teams to succeed. It is also a complex concept, so we’ll break it down with an analogy. How to Understand Stateful Sync: The Chess Analogy Imagine playing a game of chess with…

Gartner RevOps Blog
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Customer Feedback Loops and RevOps: New Gartner Report

Earlier this week, Gartner published a new research article titled “How Tech CEOS at Early-Stage Companies Can Prepare to Implement RevOps.” There was ONE paragraph in the article that popped off the page for me. Why? Customer feedback loops. If…

Hyland Marketing ROI
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Coffee With Customers Ep. 5: Hyland’s Ben Bykowski on Unified Data for Marketing ROI

Our fifth episode of Coffee with Customers features Ben Bykowski, Director of Technology at Hyland Software. Ben and team selected Syncari to unify multiple marketing automation tools, namely Marketo and Pardot, with Salesforce. In organizations with multiple lines of business,…

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Syncari’s response to Salesforce Genie: Be careful what you wish for

At Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce unveiled Salesforce Genie (the rabbit) – which promises to turn your data into real-time customer magic. Sounds promising. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from hit films Aladdin and Kazaam, it’s that when it comes…

What is Data Unification
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What is Data Unification?

There are many terms involved in data and how it is managed. Here we’ll do with a rising trend, usually seen in discussions of revenue operations and their objective to unify data for their sales, marketing, customer success and finance…

Problem with the Modern Data Stack
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The Problem with the Modern Data Stack

There’s a lot of noise in recent months about the Modern Data Stack, but not a lot of clarity. What is the Modern Data Stack? The Modern Data Stack is a popular approach to data integration and analytics that relies…

Coffee with Customers Demostack
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Coffee with Customers Ep. 4: Demostack and Customer 360

Our fourth episode of Coffee with Customers features Eric Portugal Welsh, Director of Revenue Operations at Demostack. Eric unified Jira and Salesforce to create a distributed Customer 360 across sales, customer success and product development. Demostack is not unique in…

Coffee with Customers Dooly
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Coffee With Customers Ep. 3: Dooly’s Jenna Molby and Product-Led Selling

Sales teams can gain a lot of momentum and traction with product usage data. If a seller knows that multiple people from a given account have signed up to use a product, they know who to talk to and have…

Coffee with Customers Metadata
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Coffee With Customers Ep. 2: Metadata’s Sam Bowley & Product Usage Data

“Put more time back in the day of the sellers. Where the sellers operate is where I need to surface the data.” This is one of Sam Bowley’s philosophies as a RevOps professional. If sellers use Slack or Salesforce, he…

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Introducing Syncari Insights for RevOps Reporting

Businesses have been working to become more data-driven for years now, with mixed results. According to Harvard Business Review, only 26% of organizations report successfully making the leap. And while there are many reasons why, we believe the problem stems from…

Coffee with Customers Conga Blog Banner (1)
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Coffee With Customers Ep. 1: Data Unification with Conga’s Scott Merselis

“Can we Syncari it?” We are not quite at the Kleenex level, but maybe one day Syncari will be a household name. At least, an “officehold” verb. That’s how the team over at Conga now talks about Syncari. They began…

CSV blog hero
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CSVs make the world go ’round

Email was invented in 1971. The comma-separated value format was invented in 1972. We’re still using both of them more than 50 years later. Why? Because they work. CSV files provide a flat representation of the data (the information contained…

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How to Run a Powerful RevOps GTM Meeting

RevOps is the GTM Connector RevOps touches every aspect of go-to-market — it’s the glue that proactively ties in all stakeholder information and the conduit that aligns teams around a shared goal. They are the collaborative heartbeat of a good…

Stripe Synapse
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Sync customers, charges and accounts with Stripe

A common gap in any Customer 360 initiative is data related to billings and payments. The workaround? Reps in sales, support and success either engage customers with incomplete information or they waste precious time playing “telephone tag” with contacts in…

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Extend Your CRM: HubSpot Custom Objects Access

Custom objects are literally a template: they provide a way to add a data set where you set the columns and data types, while gaining standard fields from a platform. In turn, this lets you design your own data structure…